Football teams using iPads; need to remember to charge batteries!

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While iPad repair can help a tablet owner whose device can no longer hold a charge, only self-accountability will help those with fully functioning iPads. Just ask the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who began using iPads last year in place of paper-based playbooks.

Yahoo Sports reports that players are not charging and updating their tablet enough, and there may be a bit too much “inappropriate web surfing” (whatever that means!) going on. The website said more teams than ever are embracing the technology, so obviously one team cannot drag down the revolution. Denver Broncos Coach John Fox said he owns one himself.

“I think if you look around, the comfort level with young people now and particularly football players, they are pretty adept [with] it and understand it pretty well,” Fox said in late May. “If it's been a growing experience, it's been for guys like me. I think everything is kind of moving in that direction, and we're trying to save some of the trees, too.” said even Peyton Manning, one of the shining stars of the league, loves the iPad and said he can check his playbook and gamefilm on the device. Whether you are Manning or just a regular user who perhaps like to watch games on the device, iPad repair is there for you when you need it.

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