Foolproof Way to Speed Up Your iPhone

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The latest iOS is awesome. There’s a problem, though. It can lag or just function really slow at times. It makes sense since it does have those snazzy backgrounds and animations when you open apps. However, just because it makes sense, it doesn’t mean that you should have to deal with it.

Some of you may have noticed that when you close some of your apps, the phone will function much faster. You probably don’t want to do this all of the time because you want some of your apps open in the background, so you can switch over to them quickly. The good news is there is a way to keep those apps running AND make your phone function faster.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Choose Accessibility
  • Turn on Reduce Motion

Before you get upset – this doesn’t turn off all animations. You’ll still have some of them AND your phone will be noticeably faster.

If you want to speed your phone up even more, you can do that. You will need to deactivate animations, which is a glitch that many people have discovered.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Choose Assistive Touch
  • Turn Assistive Touch on

Drag Assistive Touch to the lower right hand side. You can then bring up the Spotlight Search and then dismiss it. Continue to do it a few times, and you’ll see how much faster your phone becomes. After you don’t see the animations, you can go back into Settings and turn Assistive Touch off.

You should see a dramatic speed difference when you do this, and as long as you don’t care about not having animations, it works great.

Please note: This is temporary. When you reboot your phone, you will need to do it again to make it work.

Do you have any tricks on how to speed up an iPhone?

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