Fixing an iPhone 5c camera by hitting it

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There are few days when we are allowed to do something so glorious as hit our phones in order to fix them. This prescription seems almost like a prank, like a doctor telling you to spend all day at home relaxing, or a teacher firmly asking students not to study over the weekend. How could you possibly get any benefit out of what seems like the very opposite of what you are supposed to do? Yet miracles do sometimes happen, and we're allowed punch a piece of technology in order to show it that we mean business. 

How you hit your phone to make it work
If you have an iPhone 5c camera not working, you're in luck. Lightly applying pressure to the lens on the back of your iPhone 5 can fix your camera. You don't have to do anything else in order to get it to work – simply add the momentum necessary to shove it so that it fits a little bit more snugly behind the protective coating. Theoretically, this pressure could be applied as fast as a karate chop, or as slowly and deliberately as one might crush a marsh mellow. The point is that you can fix it by thwacking it, which is a method of healing that you normally reserved for a chiropractor to use. 

Sometimes punches are not enough
Sadly, not all of our problems in life can be solved by hitting them. After you've pressed hard on your camera lens the 5th or 7th time, you may notice that your phone still isn't taking pictures. If this is true, you may be sad to hear that you may have to solve your iPhone problem the old-fashioned way: by messing around in Settings. Be sure to turn your phone completely off and on again in order to make sure that there's not some sort of boring, esoteric configuration of software elements that is hurting your phone. Once that is done, mess around in there and try it again.

Other problems
Sometimes we forget things, like taking the protective film off of the front of our cameras. If your images look distorted but your system is recognizing the camera, you may just need to pull off a protective layer of coating from the camera. This is fairly common – after all, you tend not to look directly at the back-facing portion of an iPhone 5c camera that often. 

According to Phone Doctors, there are occasional problems with iPhone screens that look like camera problems, but are actually screen problems. If your pictures look distorted after you take a picture, but are fine after being uploaded to a computer or other viewing device, then the chances are that your iPhone 5c screen isn't working, not your camera. You can either replace it by yourself (not recommended) or ship it out to the team at iResQ and we'll replace it. If your camera issue does wind up being a hardware problem, like a camera out of alignment on the interior of the phone case, then we'll be happy to take that and fix it for you too. If you contact us, we'll get right to work on getting your iPhone back in tip-top shape.

Because there are many different screws and types of connectors inside an iPhone, the disassembly and re-assembly of one in order to replace a camera is not recommended for those without experience handling delicate hardware like this. Technical staff with the time, talent and tools to take a phone apart is a necessity when dealing with this kind of problem. 

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