Fixing a stuck iPhone 5c power button

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When you find the iPhone 5c power button is stuck, it can be very annoying to deal with. This is a very common problem that a lot of users have experienced with the iPhone 5c, and getting the support needed in order to fix it isn't as much of a problem with this device as compared to others. There are a number of workarounds, including attempting to press the power button at a variety of angles and varying the pressure with which the power button is pressed. These kinds of solutions can help to alleviate some of the symptoms involved with a stuck power button, but they won't directly solve the problem.

In general, there are two different problems that can be the case if your iPhone 5c power button is stuck. One is that the metal contact spacer is broken, and the other one is that the power button cable is broken. You will notice that your volume buttons and mute switch are also having trouble if this is the case. For the purposes of self-repair, the power button switch itself is the much easier option to deal with.

It can be a difficult fix in order to get the iPhone 5c power button unstuck, so be sure to follow the instruction below to make sure that you're able to fix or at least diagnose your exact power button problem. As a side note, this is going to involve using a spudger, as well as a variety of other iPhone repair tools. If you don't have those, this might be a repair job to leave to the professionals If you have the tools, though, check out this step-by-step process brought to us by iMore.

Fixing a stuck iPhone 5c power button

  • Make sure to turn the iPhone completely off.
  • Use a security screwdriver to remove the screws at the bottom of an iPhone 5.
  • Use the ##000 screwdriver to remove the three screws that hold down the display shield.
  • Grab your spudger and pry up three cables that connect the display to the board.
  • Remove the battery. You can do this using the plastic battery removal tabs, or you can. Directly unscrew elements of the battery in order to get it out.
  • Remove the logic board.
  • Finally, fix the stuck power button removing the foam pad that covers it with a flat razor blade, and then unscrew the power button, and pull it out.

Remember that this kind of repair is tricky, and that you should work with a professional if this seems too difficult.

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