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fix your ipodIf you’re having problems with your iPod, you can try to fix your iPod yourself before turning to the professional. The following are the most common problems with iPods, and how you can fix them yourself.

iPod Freezes

You go to use your iPod and it won’t respond. Instead of smacking it a couple of time to knock some sense into it, try these tricks first:

  • For older iPods, up to the 3rd generation, check to see if it’s on hold. If not, press the Play/Pause button while you press the Menu button. Hold them down for ten seconds.
  • If you have a newer one, from 4th generation, also check if the hold is on. If not, press the Menu button while you press the Select button, and hold it for ten seconds.
  • iPod Shuffles are the easiest to fix. All you have to do is try turning it off and back on.

Sync Erased All Data

You plugged your iPod into your computer, and when it synced, you lost all of your music and videos because you didn’t have them on the computer you plugged into. To get everything back, connect your iPod to the computer you have all of your music and videos on. To keep this from happening again, turn off auto sync and update your firmware.

It Won’t Work

If your iPod just doesn’t work, it might be a hard drive problem. Most hard drive problems are caused by a file that conflicts with it. You can solve this by erasing all data and restoring the iPod.  Since you are restoring it to factory settings, if you want anything on your iPod, you’ll have to back it up.

To restore your iPod, open iTunes on your computer, and then plug in your iPod. Wait for the iPod icon to show up and then click on it to show the Summary tab. You’ll see the Restore option, so choose that one. Your iPod will start the process of restoring itself. Do not unplug it during this process.

Once it’s done restoring, name your iPod again, and configure all of the preferences. You should now be able to use your iPod with no problems.

If Nothing Works – It’s Time for iPod Repair

If you can’t fix your iPod because the screen is cracked or there’s a broken part, like the headphone jack, you may need to help from a professional. At iResQ, we solve many iPod problems that our customers couldn’t fix themselves. We replace cracked screens, headphone jacks, and more.

If you don’t know what is wrong with your iPod, you can seek our free diagnostics. Our certified technicians will look it over, and when they find out what’s wrong, they will let you know what it is and how much it will be to fix it.

Fix your iPod today with help from iResQ!


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