Five tips for setting up a new iPhone

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The holiday season surely yielded new smartphones for countless people. Are you one of them? Get a new iPhone? Here are five things that you can – and should – do to set up your new device.

1) Getting started
There is a series of steps that comes with becoming the owner of a new iPhone. According to a recent post on iPhone Hacks, one of the first places to start should be transferring data from an older device. The steps to doing this, however, will be different depending on what kind of phone was owned previously. Another crucial accomplishment will be setting up the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. iPhone Hacks said that configuration of this hardware will allow users to “quickly unlock [the] phone and make iTunes purchases.”

2) Making Siri work effectively
Something else to consider formatting is Siri. According to Pocket Gamer contributor Mark Brown, a quick way to put an iPhone on the same wave length as the user is to explain personal relationships with contacts via voice command. By telling Siri who the user's brother, father, girlfriend or cousin is, specific calls and texts can be summoned by asking for that particular family member. Additionally, Siri's voice can be changed from female to male in the Settings app, according to Business Insider contributor Steve Kovach. 

3) Preventing motion sickness
Another way to prep a new iPhone for use to “Reduce Motion.” Have motion sickness? According to Brown, enter the device's settings, go to “General” and then to “Accessibility.” This will keep a new gadget safe from any accidental spills caused by animation-fueled dizziness.

4) Operating system and app updates
Users will also want to make sure that the latest version of iOS is installed, according to iPhone Hacks. Like the gender of Siri's voice and the “Reduce Motion” feature, it can be configured through the Settings app. This is also where the App Store can be configured to automatically keep all apps up to date, according to Brown. He also said that in-app purchases can be disabled in settings, which can be especially useful to iPhone users with children – games will no longer ask players to buy additional content for the app, preventing accidental charges.

5) Keyboard shortcuts
One way to streamline the sending of texts and emails is to set up keyboard shortcuts. Brown said that by listing personal acronyms within the settings app, automatic “translations” will appear when they are typed into other applications. “LOL,” for example, would be expanded into “laughing out loud” when used in a message.

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