Fingerprint evidence: New iPhone could use your prints for security

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A cracked screen can really put a damper on the functionality of an iPhone, and this might be even more true if a rumored fingerprint security feature is included in the forthcoming version of the device. TheNextWeb reported that Apple purchased AuthenTec for $356 million recently, one of the biggest mergers in Apple history. Users excited about this potential feature should feel good to know that cracked screens can be fixed with iPhone repair from iResQ.

The news source highlighted a portion of the agreement between the companies and said the deal indicates fingerprint technology will almost certainly be implemented in Apple devices.

“The IP agreement provides Apple with the right to acquire non-exclusive licenses and certain other rights with respect to hardware technology, software technology and patents of the Company for commercialization of 2D fingerprint sensors for use in or with Apple products,” the agreement stated, according to TheNextWeb. “For the right to acquire such non-exclusive licenses and other rights, Apple will pay us $20.0 million. “

WebProNews said this feature will be great for keeping sensitive information secure, such as credit card numbers  and personal data. As phones become more powerful and popular, they will start to hold increasingly important data, which means having access to iPhone repair could become much more important.

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