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The iPhone is a complex device. As much as you love it, there are times when you probably hate it. It might be because the screen won’t respond to your touch, or the battery runs down faster than you can find an outlet. There may be Wi-Fi issues making it impossible to get on your Facebook app, or surf the net. You may just find that it lags way too much. All of these reasons and many more are why people turn to us. They desperately want to know what’s wrong with their iPhone and if they should have it repaired.

iPhone Diagnostics – Free Service from iResQ

At iResQ, we offer free iPhone diagnostic services. This means that we will perform diagnostics on your device to find out what is wrong with it. All you have to do is let us know the issues you’re having with it and send it into us. When our certified technicians get their hands on it, they will put it through a series of tests to see what comes up.

Our technicians have been trained and have a lot of experience working with iPhones. Usually, from the symptoms you describe, they will know what’s wrong with it, but confirmation only comes after they can test it. This ensures that they rule out any other problems that could be causing your device to not function properly.

Once a diagnosis has been made, our certified technicians will call you to let you know what is wrong. They will also have an iPhone repair quote for you. You are under no obligation to have us repair your device. The free diagnostics service is a courtesy we offer.

If you do decide to have your iPhone fixed, we’ll take your payment over the phone, and we’ll repair it the same day.

If not, we’ll ship it back to you. You’ll owe nothing.

Sounds simple enough, right? All you have to do is choose the iPhone diagnostics service for your version and ship it to us. We’ll let you know when we have it and call you with the diagnosis within 24 hours of receiving your device.

We are a trustworthy iPhone repair shop. Check out our A+ BBB rating and our Google reviews.

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