Find My iPhone requires battery life, part 2

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Find My iPhone has gotten some people out of pretty tough situations. In the previous portion of this series, we talked a little bit about some crazy situations where the Apple device's feature was able to save lives, find crime suspects and even turn a lost phone into a great story.

One of the biggest lessons throughout all of them, however, was that battery life is necessary to the success of Find My iPhone. Sometimes parts can break or wear out on the iPhone that prevent it from charging or staying powered on. In this final segment of the series, we'll talk about some common culprits that are behind weak batteries.

Apps in the background
Did you know that applications don't “close” when you navigate away from them? If you double-tap the Home button, your open apps will be displayed before you. A quick swipe up for each one will close them all out and extend the life of your battery. According to GottaBe Mobile contributor Adam Mills, navigating to Settings, General, Usage, then Battery Usage, you can see exactly how much battery is being eaten up by each app you use.

Broken Lightning port
Sometimes it seems like getting your iPhone to charge at all is impossible. But this may not because you're impatient – it could be the hardware. Lightning ports are just like any other piece of technology in that they can break or be faulty. Consider asking a professional at iResQ if your Lightning port is to blame for your charging issues.

The battery itself
Smartphone batteries can take quite a beating. People leave them constantly plugged in and demand quite a bit when they're in use. This can result in a battery's performance beginning to dwindle. In some extreme cases, the battery can even burst in the device! This will be another instance where iResQ can be brought in to assist.

Turn to iResQ
Here at iResQ, we have a trained staff of professionals who know their way around the inside of an iPhone. Things like Find My iPhone need to have the best possible shot of working, and that might mean getting repairs made to your device. Even if you're unable to diagnose the problem, we'll be able to tell you what's going on and get you taken care of. If you're having iPhone 5c lightning connector issues or iPhone 5c battery problems, make sure to contact the team at iResQ today for all of your iPhone repair needs. 

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