Feed your Facebook addiction with the new iOS feature

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If you're like many Americans who can't break free from the hold of Facebook (or one of the nearly 1 billion users worldwide), staying connected just got even easier. According to a recent article on MacRumors, Facebook is engaged in the slow rollout of its new Photo Sync feature for iOS users.

The new feature automatically uploads all photos that are taken on the iPhone to a private photo album on Facebook. Once the photos are uploaded to the private album, users can then authorize which photos they want published live for all their friends to see, “Like” and comment on.

In a recent article in TechCrunch, author Josh Constine explained that this feature is a big deal for the social media company because photos are one of the core drivers of return visits and time spent on the Facebook site, and the new feature will make it easier and faster to share photos with friends.

“Most people take way more photos with their phones than they upload to Facebook and the social network wants to close the gap,” Constine wrote.

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