How Fast Can You Fix My iPhone?

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We fix iPhones and get them back to our clients usually within 24 hours of when they decide to have them repaired with us.

Getting Your Phone Back to You Quickly Is Our Number 1 Priority

Obviously, we want to make sure your phone is fixed and will work properly. In most cases, we try to have it back to you looking and working good as new as soon as possible. This usually means within 24 hours.

We all know how frustrating it is to suddenly find yourself without your phone. So don’t worry about a long wait time or stress that we won’t get you your phone back for a week or longer. Once you decide to have us fix your phone, we’ll usually have it back to you by the next day or, many times, the same day.

Our Technicians Are Fast and Efficient

It’s true; our technicians have seen a lot of broken iPhones. And usually, there are a number of problems that pop up again and again: a battery needing to be replaced, a cracked screen, etc. They have seen more of these issues than they can probably count, which is why they are so good at fixing them.

Our technicians are quick because they have dealt with nearly every problem under the sun when it comes to iPhone repair. But they will also ensure your phone is fixed to a serious standard, one we all hold ourselves to when working on your device. That level of efficiency and speed makes for a great combination.

Can You Ever Fix an iPhone on the Same Day?

In some cases, you may bring your iPhone into our store and we will be able to get it back to you the same day. We deal with simple fixes a lot and should be able to give you an idea of whether or not your phone will be ready same-day. However, if we think it won’t be or if you come into the shop right before we’re about to close, we assure you that we will get your device back to you within 24 hours, which you have to admit is still pretty speedy.

Is Your iPhone Broken?

Call today for your free diagnostic session and let us tell you what’s wrong with your phone, how we can fix it, and when you should expect it back.

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