Falling radios, headphone troubles, and other repair stories

iPad / General Knowledge

Watch out for large falling objects

  • The situation: A Wyoming man shipped in his device to us for an iPhone screen repair after his phone took an unfortunate tumble.
  • What caused it: Sometimes, when looking for places to store your Apple devices, you can overlook things in the vicinity that can pose a risk to the safety of your device. In this man's case, a precariously placed radio spelled trouble for his phone. That's because the radio had been situated on a shelf directly above where he'd chosen to temporarily stash his iPhone. When the radio managed to fall off the shelf and go hurtling toward the ground, it took the iPhone with it. As a result, the phone suffered some major cracks to its screen. 
  • The solution: Fortunately for the Wyoming man, repairing iPhone screens is something of a specialty of ours. It's a repair we'll be able to carry out quickly and efficiently, and we'll have his device back to him in no time. 

iPod problem or headphone issue?

  • The situation: An Illinois man got in touch with us about an iPod repair after experiencing some difficulties with his headphones. 
  • What caused it: The man noticed that his headphones were only functioning through one of the earpieces, though the other earpiece would occasionally emit sound if it was jiggled enough in the headphone jack. The man decided to do a little test of his own, and plugged various other headphones into his iPod to see if they worked. They all did.
  • The solution: This issue almost certainly lies not with the iPod itself, but with the headphones, which is illustrated by the fact that the man was able to use other headphones just fine on his iPod. Headphones, particularly the kind you pick up for $10 or $20 at drug stores, won't last forever, and in some cases may not even last longer than several weeks (depending on how frequently you listen to music). When cheap headphones like these begin to naturally deteriorate, the cancelling out of sound in one ear usually emerges as the first indication of that. If the man continues to use these faulty headphones, he'll soon enough notice that sound cancels out entirely. The best part of this repair story, though, is that it doesn't require an iPod repair at all.

Remember to check your roof

  • The situation: A Missouri man sent his device into our shop for an iPad screen replacement after it experienced some unfortunate high speeds on the roof of a car.
  • What caused it: We've likely all been there before. Put your coffee on top of your car while you load in the groceries, drive out of the parking lot, only to realize that the beverage is still atop the roof. It's a common mistake. Unfortunately for this man, that forgotten rooftop item was his iPad, and he didn't discover his blunder until the device was swept off the roof at 40 miles per hour and cast onto a gravel road. Talk about bad luck. It would take a truly invincible device to weather such a fall without damage, and since no Apple product can be categorized as such, the man found himself with a badly damaged screen.
  • The solution: We'll repair the device and ship it back to him. Something tells us if he drove to pick it up, that wouldn't end too well.

Cracked screen signals that it's time to repair

  • The situation: A Pennsylvania woman sent her device in because it stopped booting up properly, and instead, when turned on, displays only a white screen that it never moves past. 
  • What caused it: This repair issue was precipitated by another, more straightforward one: a damaged screen. The device's screen had suffered some cracks, but according to the woman it still worked after the cracks happened and so she decided not to send it in. Shortly after that, the problem with the booting up arose, and now the device isn't functional.
  • The solution: The issue now clearly goes deeper than just a cracked screen, and we'll have to do some diagnostics to determine exactly what we're dealing with. But let this example be a lesson for the rest of our customers out there to not overlook a repair need, even if your device still seems to work. After all, one apparently small problem can lead to a much larger one.
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