Failure to connect, and other repair stories

iPhone / General Knowledge

Computer doesn't connect to the Internet

  • The situation: A Delaware man sent his device in for a MacBook repair after the computer continually failed to connect to his home WiFi network.
  • What caused it: The root cause is unclear at this point, but it's possible that this has nothing to do with the computer at all, and instead has to do with the strength of the man's in-home WiFi network. This appears to be the more likely scenario than the computer itself being damaged, particularly because the man said that his computer's Internet works when the device is right next to the WiFi router. It would be to the man's advantage either to get WiFi personnel to test the strength of his Internet connection or to do it himself via a speed test.
  • The solution: We will examine the computer to see if there's any key feature that's impeding its ability to connect to the Web. If that's the case, we'll do a repair. Otherwise, we suggest the man check his connection.

One iPod problem becomes a whole lot worse

  • The situation: An Oklahoma man reached out to us for an iPod repair after his device stopped working following a several-days disappearance. 
  • What caused it: Initially, the man said that the iPod's problem was only natural battery degradation, in which case the sole necessary action on our part would have been an iPod battery replacement. However, that was before a bit of oversight led to the man's device getting lost for several days. After a while, the man's sharp-eyed wife found the iPod lying in the backyard, but unfortunately its little sabbatical had rendered it worse for the wear, and it wouldn't power on.
  • The solution: Our task now will be to determine if the issue is just that the battery fully timed out, or if the prolonged exposure outdoors – and therefore potential interaction with harmful elements like rain – could have led to deeper issues. Either way, the man can trust us to complete a highly efficient repair and have his device back to him in no time.

Perhaps the local mall is not the best repair place

  • The situation: A New Jersey man sent in his iPhone because it was stuck in repair mode. In addition, he needed both an iPhone battery replacement and a screen repair.
  • What caused it: Unfortunately for this customer, his initial repair trip was not to iResQ, but to a kiosk at the local mall to deal with an intermittent shutdown issue. Now we don't know exactly what this kiosk is called or where it's located, but one thing is certain: They were about as far from effective repair people as you can get. First off, from right off the bat they seemed intent on getting as much money out of the repair as possible, convincing the man that he needed a new battery even when, at the time, he didn't. The supposedly new battery they gave him ended up being defective, but that wasn't even the worst of it. Right there in the mall, they disassembled and reassembled the device, searching, without any evident skill, for the root of the problem. Instead of being any remote help, they actually exacerbated the issue, and after the device left their hands, the iPhone had placed itself into repair mode and was beyond usability.
  • The solution: Here at iResQ, we've worked hard to earn the trust of our vast customer base, and there's a reason people come to us instead of repair people of dubious repute. Simply put, we care as much about our customers as we do about the devices we repair, and with this repair, as with all others, the best interests of the customer are our best interests too.
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