Exploding Batteries Surprisingly Common for MacBooks, Dangerous to Users

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“Expected behavior.”

That is how Apple defines the surprisingly common occurrence of exploding batteries in MacBooks, and from the sound of it, battery replacement is a struggle.

“Apple is approaching its tenth year of exploding laptop batteries and might be fine with telling customers that its batteries bursting apart is 'expected behavior,' said ZDNet blogger Violet Blue, who's MacBook battery recently exploded.  “But believe me, it's far from expected, routine or safe when it actually happens.”

After the warranty expires, Apple users must replace the lithium-ion battery at their own expense, something Blue refers to as “profoundly disturbing,” considering the manufacturer's suggestion to buy new batteries, installation and recycling services from Apple directly. In the case of older models, Apple may not even carry the proper replacement.

Not only is this inconvenient for the person using the MacBook, but it can also be dangerous.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory said that while lithium-ion batteries are common, they can also pose extreme danger, including “burns, respiratory problems, fires, explosions and even death.” 

Many MacBook users have faced intense frustration in the face of the exploding battery issue, including Blue.

“It's really disappointing to discover such a significant hardware and customer satisfaction issue – Apple's problematic and dysfunctional batteries – in so many forums and in blog posts while researching what happened in my living room,” she said.

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