Even more iPhone 5c battery life tips

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Perhaps you thought that the iPhone 5c battery life tips ended with a post we did a few weeks ago. But that's not the case – in fact, we could probably come up with enough tips to fill a small book. But since we don't have a book contract right now, we'll settle for a continuation of our previous post:

  • Be selective about which apps you have Background Refresh enabled for. Background Refresh is a very helpful tool that keeps apps active even when you aren't actively using them. What this means is that when you return to the app, its contents are up-to-date immediately upon opening it. But as helpful as Background Refresh is, it's also a battery drainer, as PCMag points out. Fortunately, Apple makes it so you can choose which – if any – apps you want to run Background Refresh on. To modify that setting, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • Update software as often as possible. iPhone software updates become available for a reason: They improve the phone's functionality. So always be on the lookout for updates, because often they will lead to better battery savings.

Sometimes, you may find your battery has extremely little life despite taking all the proactive steps we've outlined. In that case, it may be time for a free diagnostic assessment

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