Employees prefer Apple for BYOD

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One of the year’s biggest trends has been the expansion of corporate Bring Your Own Device programs, but it might be more accurate to call these programs BYOiD, according to recent studies. In reports from managed services provider iPass and mobile device management company Zenprise, Apple devices are dominating the BYOD market.

The Q4 Mobile Workforce Report from iPass, which surveyed 1,700 mobile workers at 1,100 companies around the world, found that 46 percent of global employees are using their own smartphones at work, ITProPortal reported. Among these, 53 percent said the iPhone is their first choice device, up from 45 percent the year before. For tablet use, the iPad dominates the market, with 54 percent of users saying they either owned one or planned to buy one before the end of next year.

In a survey of customers, Zenprise found that 57 percent of users had adopted iOS devices as opposed to Android or Windows platforms, according to TabTimes. The percentage was highest in sectors such as energy, legal services, real estate and non-profit work.

As companies shift the responsibility of device ownership to employees, it may also fall upon workers to handle problems such as a broken screen or dead battery. Fortunately, iResQ’s iPhone repair and iPad repair services provide a fast, affordable solution for getting broken devices working again.

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