EarPods are Apple’s answer to ordinary earbuds

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Those rounded white earbud headphones that make it easy to spot Apple users in the wild are getting an update. At its September 12 press event, Apple announced a replacement to the old headphones, noting in the process that it has shipped more than 600 million sets of those.

The new headphones, called EarPods, are the result of three years of design, the company said. While designing headphones that fit all ears is a challenge, Apple is trying its hardest to do exactly that. The company used 3D scans of hundreds of ears to make a product with universal appeal and a sleek new design that differs in appearance from many traditional earbuds.

The headphones have a built-in microphone and remote controls that allow listeners to control calls, music and video playback on their devices. Apple’s online store, which is now selling the EarPods for $29, also claims the pods provide deeper bass, improved protection from sweat and water and engineering that reduces sound loss, putting the headphones on par with more expensive models.

All new iPods and the iPhone 5 will ship with the EarPods, but, with iPod repair and iPhone repair from iResQ, you don’t have to buy a new model just to try them out. It’s possible to fix headphone jacks, cracked screens and more to let you jam out with EarPods on any device.

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