Early iPhone 5 reviews enthusiastic

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The iPhone 5 arrives on September 21, and the first round of product reviews has begun to roll in, giving customers an idea of what to expect. By almost all accounts the message is clear: Expect good things.

TechCrunch’s headline announced “Apple Has Chiseled The Smartphone To Near Perfection,” and M.G. Siegler’s glowing review detailed satisfaction with features, lighter design and appearance before determining that “this is without question the phone Batman would use.”

“Nearly every feature has been upgraded, with a focus on what counts: screen, sound, camera, speed,” New York Times reviewer David Pogue wrote, adding that the camera is the best of any smartphone ever. Pogue subtracted minor points for the decision to switch to a new connector port, which will affect accessory compatibility.

Many reviewers noted major improvements in battery life and network speed, with LTE network connections offering speeds comparable or superior to Wi-Fi and the battery lasting through an entire day of heavy use.

“This phone will make your home Wi-Fi look bad,” CNET’s editors’ review stated. Some reviewers did observe the phone’s larger screen makes it harder to navigate with just one hand, which could be a factor in the iPhone 4S’s favor. For users who want to continue using their iPhone 4S, iPhone repair from iResQ is an option to keep the older device running smoothly.

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