I Dropped My MacBook in Water. Now What?

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The pain of watching helplessly as your computer decides to take a dip is one we all hate to experience. But it does happen, and the best things you can do are to stay calm, be prepared, and get your device to a professional, soon.

Step One: Stay Calm.

Say it with us. “Stay. Calm.” If you freak out, it’s only going to make things worse, right? No problem was ever solved by losing your chill. So, take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s going to be okay. Now, get your device out of the water, preferably quickly.

Step Two: Don’t Turn Your MacBook On.

Don’t even think about turning your computer on when it is still wet. If you do, this could make things MUCH worse, as water and electricity famously do not mix. Instead, get your device away from the water (duh.) and put it in a clean, dry space where it has access to warmth. Many people like to put it in the sun.

Step Three: Do What You Can.

Try to remove the water if you can, but do so as carefully as possible. If you’re afraid you’ll make the situation a whole lot worse, don’t worry. Just put the device in the sun like we told you. If you do think you can get rid of some of the water, make sure you are careful. Finally, some people are able to remove parts from their device safely. If this is you, give it a try.

Step Four: Bring Your Device to Us.

Whether you call us on the phone, come in to our store, or you need us to come to you, we’ve got you covered. We will take a look at your MacBook and give you a clear indication of whether or not we’ll be able to fix it. Then we’ll give you a breakdown of the repairs, including a price. If you agree to the fix, we will repair your MacBook within 24 hours.

Don’t Worry. Your Device Is in Good Hands.

We are all professionals who have fixed plenty of waterlogged MacBooks, iPhones, and other electronic devices. We will be more than happy to fix yours as well! Just give us a call or come and visit us at our store, and we will get right to work on your free diagnostic test.

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