Drop testing the iPad mini

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When any new device comes out, people want to know what will happen if they drop it.

A recent article in SlashGear, a weblog devoted to consumer electronics and technology, reported on a drop-test done by Android Authority. The test was to see which of the new tablets, iPad mini and Nexus 7, would fare after being dropped from a variety of angles. After three drops, both tablets had cracked displays.

Despite this similarity, the iPad mini did much better. After three drops, the Nexus 7 rear casing broke off and though the device would boot up, the touch-screen stopped responding to touch. Although the iPad mini screen broke, the device continue to be fully functional, demonstrating that it was more resistant than the Nexus 7.

Perhaps the durability of the device had something to do with the record setting sale of 3 million iPads in its debut weekend. An Ars Technia article quoted Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who said in a statement:

“We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis.”

If your iPad has unintentionally been a part of a drop test, have no fear: iResQ does iPad repair, which includes fixing broken screens.

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