Drop lands mixed results, and other Apple repair stories

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iPad tumble not good, but could have been worse

  • The situation: A New Jersey man sent his device into us for an iPad repair after the screen came off.
  • What caused it: In this case, as in so many others, an inadvertent tumble landed the device in its current situation. However, unlike many of our customers, this man had his iPad's screen in a special protective shield. Thus, when the screen itself hit the floor, it did not dent or crack in any way. Unfortunately, the screen protector did not prevent the screen from becoming separated from the rest of the device. In an ill-advised move, the man took this situation to mean that all he had to do was somehow adhere the screen back on to the device. His efforts didn't work, and he sent it in to us.
  • The solution: The customer is right that the fixing of the outer screen requires an adhesive, but that's the kind of work that should be done by professionals who won't make any errors. Fortunately for the man, he's chosen the right folks for the job, and we'll have his iPad back to him in no time. 

Another self repair attempt, another debacle

  • The situation: A Massachusetts man sent his girlfriend's iPhone into us for a repair after a DIY attempt – surprise surprise – took a turn for the worse.
  • What caused it: His girlfriend's phone was only two months old when it started showing signs of a major problem. The issue arose when the phone stopped powering on. The woman's response was to disassemble the device and attempt to rectify the problem herself. But by going in and attempting her own repairs, the woman sacrificed her Apple Care plan, and therefore chose to pay a local repair store to identify the source of the problem. The local repair staff didn't seem too adept, though, and their “solution” only enabled the phone to function for a week before the old problems surged back.
  • The solution: What clearly hasn't been done in this case is a comprehensive evaluation of the device for the specific cause of its problem. As we see it, what's occurred thus far is guesswork, and as the ill-fated repairs prove, it can be damaging to act on mere conjecture. Pinpointing the real source of the issue will be the key to fixing it.
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