Drop does damage, iPad gets burned, and other repair stories

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Light or heavy, a drop is a drop

  • The situation: A New Yorker sent his device in for an iPod repair after it stopped powering on.
  • What caused it: Whether you drop an iPod from the top of the building or just a few feet, damage is bound to happen. As this customer emphasized in his email to us, the drop his device experienced was “light,” but we would remind him that's it's a drop all the same. Granted, most of the time if your iPod falls a foot or two the damage will be minor, but this man wasn't so lucky. After attempting to boot up the iPod after the fall, he discovered it wouldn't power on. He told us this could have something to do with the logic board having been replaced in the past.
  • The solution: It could be that whoever installed the logic board for the man did a shoddy job, and that the fall only brought out a problem that was latent all along. In order to determine this, we'll disassemble the device and most likely do our own logic board replacement – but we'll do it right.

The iPad is not something to bring to a boil

  • The situation: A Virginia man got in contact with us to carry out an iPad repair after his device went through a rather sizzling experience.
  • What caused it: Whenever a customer prefaces a repair cause with “It wasn't me who did it,” you know the reason is going to be somewhat embarrassing. This case was no exception. According to the man, someone in his household made the grave mistake of leaving a new iPad on top of the stove while it was still hot, and after it marinated for a few minutes, its unfortunate slow cook session left a big black spot on the screen. Also, it's worth noting that in this situation there was a case on the device at the time, but it didn't save it from getting burned. 
  • The solution: Our task is going to be to determine if the damage goes more than screen-deep. If not, then we can limit the repairs to an iPad screen replacement. But if device functionality has been impacted as well, then we'll have to disassemble the product and commence a deeper repair.

Water means bad news for MacBook

  • The situation: A Washington woman sent in her MacBook for a repair after an unfortunate incident with some water and a little spill.
  • What caused it: Some people falsely believe that only acidic drinks can be really damaging if spilled on a Mac's keyboard. But that is not the case, as this woman found out the hard way. After some water spilled from a glass onto her device, she leapt into action and emptied as much water from the keyboard as possible, then let it sit for a while. This proved an ephemeral solution, but provided her enough time to backup all the important stuff on her computer before the device powered out completely. 
  • The solution: According to the customer, the damage appears to be pretty comprehensive, and could impact the logic board, the top case and the battery. We'll do a thorough examination of the device and see, as per her instructions, if the repair costs would come out to roughly those of a new computer. If that's the case, she's going to simply buy a new MacBook.

Bad screen replacement makes things worse

  • The situation: A Rhode Island man sent in his device to us after it started exhibiting several different problems, including significantly reduced battery life and consistently poor reception.
  • What caused it: It's important to always look into the credibility of a store before you send in you Apple device to have it repaired. In this man's case, he went to a local place advertising Apple repairs and got the screen replaced with a new one, and it was shortly after that that these new problems began.
  • The solution: While it could be incidental that the battery is timing out following the screen repair – in theory, after all, the screen shouldn't really impact battery life – it is odd that these problems only came out after the local store repair. We'll do a full repair on the device. For everyone reading this, always look into the certifications of the company carrying out your repair. Here at iResQ, for instance, we've received an A+ from BBB Business Review and are also all certified repair technicians. Thanks to these credentials and the trust we've built with our client base, customers rest easy knowing we're carrying out dependable repairs on their devices.

From accidentally burning an iPad to dropping an iPod from a low height, it's clear there are a lot of situations that can land your Apple device in hot water. For this reason, it's important to look out for situations like these before they arise and keep a close eye on the safety of your devices.

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