Don’t break your bank to get a taste of Apple

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It seems like everyone wants a piece of Apple these days. But not everyone can afford to take a bite. 

In a special for USA Today, radio talk show host Kim Komando writes that while the newer iPads most likely aren't cheap, older models will be far more gentle on your wallet. If you buy an older model used, it may not come with a warranty. But you don't have to worry so much about that, because you can get iPad repair to fix any hardware issues.

“Apple sells the iPad 2 for $399. That’s still a powerful tablet and the price tag is much easier to swallow,” the news source said. “You could save even more if you buy a refurbished iPad from Apple. These are certified used models that come with a one-year warranty, a new battery and a new case. Usually, you’ll save about $100, maybe a little more. Of course, you could try Amazon or eBay if you’re willing to take a risk.”

Komando said she has seen some iPads priced at under $300, but they weren't n the greatest condition. People should always be wary when buying from a third party.

Wired said users also need to keep in mind wireless plans and other add-ons that you'll have to factor in to the total cost of buying an iPad. But if you're worried about upkeep, don't be. There are affordable repair options available that offer free quotes and diagnoses.

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