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With all the new devices and models hitting the market at a faster rate than ever before, it can be easy to fall in with the masses urging you to sell your old models and upgrade to the latest gadgets. In a recent Woodlands Online article, contributor Morgan Kinney reviewed some of Apple's most popular products, outlining for each one whether it would be wise to wait or buy a new one.

When it came to the iPod, Kinney said now is a good time to buy, regardless of whether you are in the market for a Shuffle, Nano, Touch or Classic. He referred to the iPod Classic as “single-minded,” meaning that it is really just used for music.

As Apple continues to produce new iPods, some have observed that one of the downfalls of the classic model is that it does not allow users to access Apple's App Store. On the other hand, one of the Classic's key benefits is that unlike a modern service like Spotify, an Internet connection is not needed to listen to music. This means that with the iPod Classic, consumers can listen to gigabytes of music without having to find a Wi-Fi connection.

How to return the iPod Classic to glory
Just because apps cannot be accessed on the classic models does not mean it's time to recycle or replace the device. It really depends on your preferences, and these devices are still very popular. In addition, you can still do plenty new things on these devices. In a recent GadgetWise article, contributor J.D. Biersdorfer explained how to make new playlists on the iPod classic.

Playlists on the iPod classic are generally created with iTunes first and then copied over, and while newer models like the iPod Touch let users create playlists directly on the device, it is still possible to do this on the classic. The first step is to go to the Music menu using the iPod's scroll wheel to find a song or album. Then, press and hold the iPod's center button until the song or album title flashes. This will have added it to a new On-the-Go playlist. You can then scroll through the rest of your music and repeat the process for other songs or albums you wish to add to the playlist.

If you're someone who values classic models over the flashy new releases, iResQ's iPod repair services can help prolong the life spans of your favorite old-time classics.

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