Do You Have Smartphone Pinky?

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Smartphone Pinky – It’s a true distortion of the pinky caused by smartphones. Do you have it? Go ahead and look, we know you want to…

If your pinky bends a little even though you’re holding your hand straight, you have what is now known as “Smartphone Pinky.”

What is it caused by? Too much texting.

If you’re on your device for more than six hours a day, you probably have this condition. Don’t worry; you won’t die from it. And it’s highly unlikely it will stay that way. However, it does show that our bodies are being effected by our smartphone use.

How It Happens

The weight of your smartphone being held in your hand and with your fingers is what keeps them looking the same. The pinky is what is usually just hanging out in the back slightly bent. Your pinky naturally goes that way, so you’ve probably not noticed. The tissue inside of your pinky does notice and it starts getting used to that position, so it can stay there for a while.

Excessive use of your phone can cause some problems, but we don’t think that’s going to keep anyone off their phones. It’s just nice to know that we may all have some crooked pinkies.

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