DIY repairs could cause more problems than they solve

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Many iPhone owners have dropped their phone only to pick it up and see that all-too-familiar web-like crack stretching across the display. It's common to break a phone, and, due to the replacement fees and other repair costs, many people turn to the internet for guidance on how to fix their broken screens themselves. However, Consumer Reports recently revealed that while replacing a cracked iPhone screen is a cheaper option, the process is particularly challenging.

Consumer Reports contributor Mike Gikas explained that the team recently put DIY repairs to the test by ordering seven DIY screen repair kits from, priced at roughly $30 each. Each staffer was given a kit and tools necessary for the job, including a 30-minute video tutorial to help guide them through the process.

“As you might expect, it took numerous steps to remove and replace the screen, and lots of small and fragile parts were involved,” Gikas wrote. “And even the tech-savviest volunteers required about an hour and a half to replace a cracked screen. The technically challenged labored away for much longer … and most or all needed frequent hand-holding from Bernie [a Consumer Reports engineer]. In the end, the crew repaired five iPhones using seven replacement screens. One screen was defective, and one was broken during the repair process.”

To do-it-yourself or not to do-it-yourself
While replacing an iPhone screen yourself can help some save money, the savings do not amount to much and the process is especially lengthy and difficult, Gikas concluded. 

“It requires a lot of patience. I don't have a lot of patience,” said tester Theresa Panetta, according to ABC.

Gikas also noted that Android phone owners can perform DIY repairs with the aid of kits; however, there are not nearly as many kits available for Android phones as there are for iPhones. Additionally, there are not as many instructional videos for Android devices.

Many people run into problems when their warranty expires or they chose not to purchase Apple's extended warranty. In fact, this is one of the top reasons people decide to give DIY a try. Here at iResQ, we receive many devices that acquired significant additional damage in the process of a DIY repair. With convenient and affordable iPhone repair services, everyone can benefit from consulting iResQ to help get their phone to top working order.

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