Diff’rent strokes: How the iPad is used by its owners

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Plenty of people have an iPad, but do they all use it the same way? Business Insider took a look into this by speaking with 2,242 people and gathering information on how they use the device, which the website said hasn't really evolved much over the past few years. No matter how the device is used, iPad repair is available from iResQ to repair the device and have it back in the user's hands as soon as humanly possibly.

“What does that mean?” the website commented rhetorically on users' consistent use of the iPad. “Apple nailed the iPad on the first try. It knew what it was doing. It also means developers have an opportunity to develop new applications that can change how and why we use an iPad.”

Currently, the survey found 44 percent of people find the new iPad to be the most popular, followed by 40.1 percent for the iPad 2 and 15.8 percent for the original iPad. As of July of this year, 52.8 percent said they have one iPad in their house and 32.3 percent said they have two. According to the survey, 46.7 percent use the iPad as their primary computer, which is a big difference from two years ago, when only 29.1 percent had the same response.

Users can get a jumpstart on iPad repair by sending their device into iResQ and having it diagnosed for free. What if you don't want to go through with the fix? Not a problem. The company will send it back to you free of charge and people are then free to look into the benefits of a brand new tablet.

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