Diagnosis: You’ve got iPad mini LTE fever

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By now, it's safe to say you've heard all about the iPad mini, which was released roughly two weeks ago. The iPad mini is exactly what it sounds like, a slimmed-down, mini version of the popular Apple tablet.

According to a recent article in Macworld, Sprint and AT&T both announced on November 16 that they are now officially selling the LTE version of the iPad mini, which conveniently allows users to use the telecom companies' high-speed data networks to access the web without being near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The source also revealed that people with a case of iPad mini fever can order the mini directly from Apple; however, the shipping times listed for both the Wi-Fi and LTE versions of the tablet are currently at two weeks.

If you suffer from iPad indecision and prefer to make your product choices based on what everyone else seems to be doing, product reviews are a great way to get that insider information without going door-to-door in your neighborhood. Macworld recently published a product review, saying that the “iPad mini gives you most of an iPad at half the size.”

If you've already placed your order for the new iPad mini, and you're so excited when it's finally arrived that you get an attack of butterfingers, don't worry – iResQ's iPad screen repair services will have you covered.

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