Deep injuries, a good dose of karma, and other repair stories

iPhone / General Knowledge

A problem that's more than screen-deep

  • The situation: An Ohio man reached out to us for a computer repair because his device was experiencing intermittent shut-downs. These would happen without warning, which was understandably presenting a significant impediment to successful computing.
  • What caused it: Sometimes a screen crack is confined to just that – the screen. But other times users aren't so lucky, and a cracked screen indicates that a deeper problem may be afoot. This man's case falls into this latter category. After he dropped the device one day, not only did the cracked screen problem occur, but the shut downs started happening. What this illustrates is that the fall was more damaging than one that would only have caused superficial issues.
  • The solution: A thorough examination of the computer will be necessary to determine the exact nature of the repair we'll have to carry out. But suffice to say that it will be more than just a screen repair. 

I guess you could call this a story of tech karma

  • The situation: A North Carolina woman sent in her device to us for an iPhone screen repair after the old screen shattered beyond the ability to use the device. 
  • What caused it: As the woman pointed out, she'd always been careful to keep phone in a protective case. But one day, she decided to take it out of the case – just briefly. She was only able to enjoy this unsheathed iPhone for 15 minutes, however, because at the end of that time she accidentally dropped the device on the ground, shattering its screen. If ever there were a poster child for the virtues of an iPhone case, we submit this woman for consideration.
  • The solution: We'll carry out an iPhone screen replacement. Since this doesn't take long to do at our shop, we'll have the device back to the woman in no time, where she'll hopefully encase it immediately.

iPhone gets cracked and submerged

  • The situation: A man sent his iPhone in to us for both an iPhone screen repair and a more extensive repair. These separate repair needs arose from two different incidents.
  • What caused it: In the first incident, the phone was dropped and sustained a crack on the screen which did not impede device performance. Now, if that had been the only repair situation, it wouldn't be a huge deal. But unfortunately a second incident followed this first one, and it was decidedly more damaging in nature. In this second blunder, the man accidentally submerged the phone in water for a full minute. When you consider that a crack to the surface automatically presents an additional entrance for water to damage a phone, you can see why the coupling of these two mistakes makes for one pretty sizeable repair.
  • The solution: As per the man's suggestions, we will first do a preliminary analysis of the repair needs to determine if the cost of repair would even be worth taking these steps in the first place, or if the man would be advised to simply buy a new phone instead. 
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