Deciding on a LCD or Digitizer Screen Replacement

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When you drop your device, you may immediately pick it up and try to turn it on to see what happened. Sometimes, the screen will be completely cracked, but there’s still a display. Other times, the screen is cracked and there is no display. A few different things happen when an iPad or iPhone drops. Understanding what happens to the screen can help you know what type of repair you need.

LCD Screen Repair

When you drop your iPad or iPhone and the screen doesn’t come on (there is no display) or the display is distorted, it’s likely the LCD screen is broken. This screen has everything to do with seeing what you love about your device. Videos, games, email, and everything else depends on your LCD screen.

When you can’t see the display or it doesn’t look right, you need to have the LCD screen replaced.

Digitizer Screen Repair

Sometimes, you may be able to see the screen, but when you touch it to do something, it won’t react to your touch. This is usually because the digitizer is damaged. Many times, this happens even when you can’t see a crack on your device. This is why many people don’t think they need a screen replacement, and actually, in some cases they still don’t need it. Other components may be damaged that cause the touch not to work, but when those are all working okay, it’s the screen.

Repairing the LCD and Digitizer

There are some cases in which both the LCD and digitizer need to be replaced. If there’s no display or a distorted one AND there’s no touch response, the LCD and digitizer need to be replaced. This is usually what people need when they turn to us with a shattered iPad or iPhone.

What if You Still Don’t Know

If you still don’t know if you should have a LCD or digitizer repair, contact our certified technicians. They can look at your device for free to provide you a repair quote. You can trust our technicians to give you the truth, so you can save money when you may not need both screens replaced. If you do, you can be sure that you’ll receive a quality repair with quality parts.

Contact us now for more information about getting your iPhone or iPad repaired quickly and for an affordable price.

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