Dealing with a crack in your phone

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It is never a fun moment when your iPhone gets a big crack down the middle. You might be left wondering if you'll have to deal with your scarred phone until your eligible for an upgrade, or, if you'll have to fork over a ton of cash for a new smartphone. A better option might be to contact an iPhone repair company, which might offer affordable iPhone replacement glass services.

If you want to try and address crack yourself before sending it out for repairs, said using an anti-glare screen cover might allow you to keep the device from cracking any further and offer some basic protection. The website said the display has more than one layer to it, so a surface crack shouldn't prevent normal use of the device.

However, the website notes that once the glass cracks, preventing it from cracking even more is not always possible. Rather than waste time trying to limit further damage, it might be in your best interest to just send the phone in for a quick screen repair.

If you decide to go the repair route, you should choose a service that offers a free diagnosis and quote. The best repair companies have Apple Certified technicians on staff and offer fast turn-around times.

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