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Dating dynamics in recent years have changed, with more people turning to the web to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right., one of the top dating sites in America, recently performed a survey that shed light on how single people use technology when dating. The survey collected insight from roughly 5,000 single men and women in and outside of the service, finding that a person's smartphone preferences can say something about their dating life too.

According the survey results, single iPhone users go on more first dates than users of any other device, with 49 percent of iPhone owners indicating they went on at least one first date in 2012. Behind the iPhone were users of Windows Phones, at 46 percent, and Android users, at 44 percent. Only 42 percent of BlackBerry owners had gone on a first date in 2012.

What does your phone say about your dating life?
In a recent Mashable article, editor Chris Taylor explored what the results of the study might mean, explaining that most people will have noticed that more than half of each group of singles are not going on first dates.

“Does this mean they're too busy with their noses buried in their smartphones to interact with new people?” Taylor asked. “Not likely.”

In fact, Taylor directed attention toward additional findings of the survey to explain. The survey also found that only 27 percent of people using old-school feature phones went on a first date last year, and only 18 percent of singles who carry no phone at all.

“So does owning an iPhone actually make you more outgoing?” Taylor wrote. “Or is it merely a function of this sad socio-economic truth: wealthier people are more likely to attract partners, and also more likely to shell out for iPhones?”

Ubergizmo's Tyler Lee echoed Taylor's questions, adding one of his own: “Are we living in a society where the type of phone you own speaks volumes about your status and eligibility?”

While Taylor and Lee may have their viewpoints, it is fair to say that the implications of the survey are open to interpretation. The survey had many other notable findings regarding how behaviors have changed due to smartphones. For instance, more than 90 percent of respondents indicated that it is not okay to text someone to break up.

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