Is It Dangerous to Use an iPhone with a Cracked Screen?

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You’ve cracked your phone screen, maybe because you dropped it, ran over it with your car, or your friend Kevin threw it on the ground. Besides giving Kevin the stink eye, there’s really not much you can to do, right? In fact, you think you might even wait until your contract allows you to get a new phone and use the broken one until then.

Besides the fact that most distributors won’t accept a broken, cracked phone and hand you a new one in return, there are a number of reasons not to use an iPhone with a cracked screen, and many of them are simply because it’s dangerous.

Dangers of Using an iPhone with a Cracked Screen

There are a lot of ways your phone can actually get further damaged if you continue using it with its broken screen. For one, the ability for the touch screen to function will get less and less, often to the point where it will finally stop responding to any touches you make. Also, your fingers could have dust, oils, and other particles on them that could be harmful to your device, and they can easily get inside the cracks.

Using a phone with a cracked or broken screen, however, can also cause problems for your health. Sometimes, people who are trying to swipe or tap on their phones get small splinters of glass in their fingers when doing so. You may not even notice it when it happens because the pieces can be so small.

It’s difficult to see what’s on your phone when it is cracked and broken as well. You can strain your eyes just trying to look at the words or pictures on your screen because the broken glass will warp the HD effects. You could even experience an accident when driving. People who try to look at cracked screens while navigating have a harder time seeing where they need to go and could potentially keep their eyes off the road for too long. No matter what, using a phone with a cracked screen certainly isn’t fun, and it can lead to serious problems.

Get Your Cracked Screen Fixed

If you are worried about the problems your cracked phone screen can cause, come to us or let us come to you and have your device fixed as quickly as possible.

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