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When you're on the go, you might sometimes have a burst of inspiration that makes you want to write something down or create a playlist that captures the mood of the moment. If you're using an iPhone or iPod touch, creating a new playlist is easy, as is the writing part. With the iPod classic, although you might not be able to scrawl out those inspired notes, you can still easily create and shuffle playlists.

The iPod classic's iconic scroll wheel is the key here, and you can use it to begin adding songs to what the iPod appropriately labels as an On-The-Go playlist, explained J.D. Biersdorfer in response to a reader question on The New York Times' Gadgetwise blog. Locate the music section on your iPod, and then scroll through its listings to find the desired song. Press and hold the button in the middle of the iPod's wheel until that song flashes, which indicates that it has been added to the On-The-Go playlist. You can also select and add entire albums in the same way.

All songs and albums that you select with the wheel button will be added to the same On-The-Go playlist. Additionally, you can create multiple playlists. When you open up the On-The-Go listing on your iPod, at the top there's an option to save the current playlist as a new playlist. Alternatively, you can clear the entire playlist or use the same press-and-hold technique to remove songs from it piecemeal.

On-The-Go playlists can be synced with iTunes on your computer, so that you can open up the program on your computer and . In iTunes, you can rename your playlist, edit its contents or shuffle its order.

Shuffle it up
If you want to keep your playlists truly unpredictable, then you can use the iPod classic's shuffle feature. Go to Settings in the iPod's menu and then select “Shuffle” and set it to “Songs.” After that, the track order in that playlist or in any other album will be randomized, according to iLounge editor Jesse Hollington. The shuffle options, which let you randomly sort songs or albums, can also be accessed by pressing and holding the iPod's select button while a song is playing.

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