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If you play and record your own music, Apple's iPad can be an invaluable tool that can take you from bedroom recording artist to internet sensation and beyond – if it is done well enough. While not everyone can beast out on the iPad musically, it can be a fun toy to play around with. If you break your tablet while making some crunchy tunes, you don't have to give up on your dreams of being a musical star. Repair specialists at iResQ can step in with some well-needed iPad repair to make your device as good as new again and get you back on track toward stardom.

TechHive said one cool app for laying down some tracks is Apple's own GarageBand app, which is cool for putting down some musical ideas. However, TechHive said there's really no easy way to export music that has been recorded in GarageBand. For those more into sheet music, Notion and Symphony Pro can be great, the website said.

“Both Symphony Pro and Notion have their strengths (and a couple of bugs), but at only $15 each you can buy both and transfer compositions back and forth as Music XML files attached to emails,” TechHive said. “You're still better off with a full PC or Mac for final arrangements and tweaking, but the programs are surprisingly facile for quick compositions on the road.”

So if you want to start using these musical apps, but you can't because your screen is not responding correctly or your device won't turn on, check out iResQ for iPad repair options. Whether a cracked screen or a broken headphone jack, iResQ has the pros to get your device back to you fast and fixed.

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