Crafty tricks to save your iPhone from recovery mode and slow data speeds

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Even though iPhones are particularly sophisticated machines, they still need to be fixed sometimes. When an iPhone has a software problem, some try to resolve it by restoring a backup or updating to firmware. However, these can cause additional problems, and as PC Advisor's Jim Martin recently noted, the iPhone can end up stuck in recovery mode as a result. This is not your fault – unless you jailbreak your phone.

So how do you get your iPhone or iPad out of recovery mode? Or better yet, how do you know when your device is in recovery mode?

“Essentially, you'll find that your device won't turn on, or it will cycle the boot process but never reach the home screen,” Martin explained. “You might even see the iTunes logo with a USB cable pointing at it on your screen. If you follow Apple's method of exiting recovery mode, you will lose all the data on your device: it will be restored to the most recent backup on your computer.”

Martin shared one trick that you can try for getting a jailbroken device out of recovery mode without losing all your valuable data. First, power the device off, and then turn it back on by holding the power button and the volume up button. The screen will light up and the Apple logo should appear immediately after, but Martin stressed that the two buttons should be held down until the screen lights up. At that point, release only the power button before the logo appears and continue to hold the volume up button. This trick turns off any add-ons, and Martin said it should allow you to effectively boot up your iPhone (or iPad) without losing your data.

Speaking of data, gimme more speed!
LifeHacker recently reported that when iPhones and iPads get carrier updates, the devices can seem to move a bit sluggishly. The site suggested utilizing iTweakiOS's guide for installing a custom carrier bundle that will likely provide faster speeds and revive your device.

“Every once in awhile, your cell phone carrier pushes out an update to you phone that changes the preferences so it can find the best signal” LifeHacker stated. “However, that's not always the fastest signal, and in the case of a couple recent updates on both AT&T and T-Mobile, those updates might have actually slowed down your connection a bit. iTweakiOS put together a custom carrier bundle that overrides the official one and forces your phone to hunt down the fastest signal.”

And remember, when you have a problem with your iPhone or iPad that you cannot resolve, consult iResQ's expert technicians and our iPhone repair services.

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