Cracked screens, battery life top tablet failures

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For any user, a cracked screen or a device failure can be frustrating, especially after investing in the latest models that have the newest technology. Tablets, for instance, can have numerous failures and the new iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 have several reported problems from owners. Although the system is an upgrade from the previous model, the bugs still have yet to be worked out, causing problems for Apple device owners.

Consumer devices like tablets have appealed to user demands that require an unlimited amount of applications and features that assist you in completing everyday functions. However, No Jitter contributor Matt Brunk noted that many of these products have a life cycle of six to 12 months, with the most failures resulting from drops and falls. A cracked iPad will need to be repaired or may require replacement if the damage is critical. The tablet may be used for home and work purposes and given to others for quick searches or game access. This activity could increase the chance of failure and the potential for a damaged screen. With all of the issues associated with damaged tablets and smartphones, it could make the business case for adopting personal devices into the organization more difficult.

“The failure statistics of consumer grade tablets should be enough to avoid adopting these devices in enterprise, but it seems that the low cost to acquire is appealing to some,” Brunk wrote. “Unfortunately, I think the true costs of ownership will prove that consumer products are in fact too costly to maintain for businesses, and deploying such devices may be short sighted by those using consumer devices for commercial and industrial purposes.”

Handling iPad problems
While it hasn't been long since the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 debuted, there are already some grievances that users want addressed. Digital Trends contributor Simon Hill cited wireless capabilities, battery life and display malfunctions as potential issues that owners may encounter on their new iPads. If users are having trouble with iPad service, they can try to reboot the router and device, check that the firmware is up to date and restore the system. After exploring these options, owners can seek other advice or go to a repair shop to restore connection capabilities.

The battery life problem is common across all devices. Hill noted that if users get significantly less than nine hours off a single charge and nothing is helping, it could be the result of a hardware problem. However, in many cases, applications and other power-hungry apps are the direct cause.

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