Watch Out for Ebay Dupes on iPhones

Cracked / Broken Screens / Cracked / Broken Screens

At iResQ, many times we receive products from customers that make us feel bad for them. This is one of those cases.

Customer from Washington – iPhone Repair

We received a WA iPhone repair, which is a state that we receive a decent number of repairs from each month. The customer reported that the phone wouldn’t turn on, even though it is fully charged. She also stated that it suffered from a cracked back and front.

The customer’s story of how this happened is quite sad. It’s seems she sold her iPhone on eBay. The person who bought it claimed that when he received it the phone was cracked. In an effort to provide good customer service, she told him to send it back to her for a full refund.

When she received the phone, it wasn’t the same iPhone she sent him. She decided to send it to us to see if we could bring it back to life.

The Devastation We Found

  • The serial number was removed
  • Front and back was cracked
  • Liquid sensors were tripped (water damage)
  • The logic board was corroded
  • There was no display

In an effort to help our customer, we performed an iPhone battery replacement. We replaced the dock and display too. Unfortunately, the phone still didn’t turn on.

To bring this back to life, there would need to be a great deal of work done to the iPhone. It would need a brand new logic board, a new face plate, back plate, and battery.

This order was for a free iPhone diagnostic – a service we provide. We contacted the customer to let her know what we found, and the cost for it. Since the cost of a logic board is quite high (it’s the main part of the phone), she decided not to move forward.

At iResQ, we wish we could have easily fixed this customer’s iPhone for her without it costing the price of a new logic board, but it just wasn’t feasible. She was duped by the eBay user who swapped out her working iPhone with one that was severely abused. This is a lesson to everyone out there interested in selling or buying a device on eBay.

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