Cool ways to use the standard-issue Apple headphones

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Everyone has seen them: The white, standard-issue iPhone earbuds from Apple that so many people discard for a set of Dr. Dre or Tony Bennett-branded headphones. However, before you trade them in, keep in mind that Business Insider said there are some cool controls on these bad boys that may come in handy. Even those with broken Apple gear can get back into the swing of things with iPhone repair and start playing with these headphones again.

The news source said some things people can do with these microphone ready earbuds include pause or play by pressing the center button on the headphone's remote adapter once, fast-forward by tapping the center button twice with a longer second tap, and double tap to skip a song altogether.

“To ignore an incoming call, long-press the center button. You'll hear two beeps to confirm that the caller was sent to voicemail,” according to BI. “If you're on the phone and you get a new call, tap the center button once to switch calls. To end that new call, hold the center button down for two seconds.”

According to Apple's website, these headphones that come with your Apple purchase usually run about $30, so don't take them for granted, as they can definitely do some cool things. Those with a broken device can look to iPhone repair to check out the features themselves.

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