Cooking with tablets: A guide to iPad cooking apps

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If you love to cook and have an iPad, you're in luck. Ars Technica points out that there are some great cooking apps out there that can help you turn some bland meals into something even Gordon Ramsey – a chef famous for his temper – would be proud of. Just be careful when cooking; you don't want to have iPad repair bills coming up due to that batch of hollandaise sauce ending up where it shouldn't.

The website said one great app is the $9.99 How to Cook Everything, which the news source said is very popular.

“The $9.99 app makes it the most expensive out of all the ones in this post, but at the very least, it's a universal app that works on both iPhone and iPad,” Ars Technica said. “You can browse the included recipes (of which there are 2,000) and view featured recipes – a new featured recipe is added on a regular basis and you can elect to receive alerts when a new one is available.”

Other cooking apps the website shouted out included Basil for $1.99, Paprika for $4.99 and a free app called Epicurious, associated with the magazine of the same name.

MacWorld's App Guide gave ratings to some other cooking apps for the iPad, including a 4.5-star, $10 app called Mario Batali Cooks! and a four-star Martha Stewart Cookies app, which will run users $5. Although iPad repair can be very easy and inexpensive, people should definitely keep their device away from boiling water and other kitchen hazards – that, as Martha herself would say – would be a good thing.

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