Convert Your Black iPhone 4 to a White iPhone 4!

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UPDATED 7/30 — Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the latest.

Well, its just about to be the dog days of summer yet again and I’m happy as can be! I’m excited actually! What about, you ask? You know how Apple has postponed its release of the White iPhone 4 until later this year right? Well, we are now able to convert your Black iPhone 4 to a White iPhone 4 with our new White iPhone 4 Conversion Service! Now you can be the cool kid on the block flaunting around your White iPhone 4 before Apple even releases it!

So what does this all entail then? Well, with this service we will switch out your black display assembly, black home button, and black glass backplate with white parts. Take a look at our video below of the White iPhone 4 in action.

Also, if you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, we offer the parts themselves with our White iPhone 4 Self-install kit.

Additionally, if you need other iPhone repairs or services, we offer a wide variety of repairs and services:

Broken glass/digitizer repair
Glass Backplate Repair
Battery Replacement
Headphone jack replacement
Dock connector repair
Home button repair
Dust Removal

Here, you can see all services and parts starting by model.

Once again, you can order your own White iPhone 4 back and front panels (full-service or parts only) here.

Take a look at some more pics of our White iPhone 4 below:


Here’s the latest on the conversion service / white assemblies / etc.: We ran out of parts! The service was a little more popular than we thought. Our new shipments have not yet arrived. We’ve removed the options to order the white products (with the exception of the backplates) until we can get our hands on some more good product.

Don’t worry, we’ll have the service back up once we get more product to give it another go. In the meantime, feel free to drool over our pictures and video. Have a great weekend. –Brian

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