Consider Taking a Photo of Your Device Before Repair

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In Phoenix, a woman by the name of Karina Mojuta took her device to a local iPad repair shop. All she needed for a screen replacement, but what she got was another problem.

When Mojuta picked up her iPad a few hours later, she noticed there was something different about it. The device looked bent.

When she went back into the store to ask what happened to her iPad, the person told her that he did not know and that it looked like that when she turned it in. Since she did not have proof of her iPad not being bent, she couldn’t get them to replace it. She wishes that she would have taken a picture of the device before turning it in for repair because then she would have at least had proof that her iPad truly wasn’t bent by her.

Message About Third Party Repair Shops

We often hear stories about third party repair shops like this one that has technicians who aren’t as experienced as they should be when perform iPad screen repairs. Since they are not trained or skilled in it, they often break or damage other parts of the device while they are working on it. Having the iPad bent during the installation of the new screen is common for those who do not know how to properly repair a screen.

At iResQ, our certified technicians have been extensively trained on iPad screen replacements. They know how to do it without damaging any other part of the device. Our customers do not have to worry about their devices being damaged because they know that we know what we’re doing.

Yes, it may be a good idea to take a picture of your device before you hand it over for repair. However, it’s also a good idea to choose a reputable iPad repair shop. One that has technicians who have been trained on the repair you need done and have a reputation of providing superior repair service on your device – just like iResQ.

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