Concrete collisions, Travel travails, and other Apple repair stories

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An unwanted meeting with concrete

  • The situation: A Massachusetts man reached out to us for an iPad screen replacement after his device sustained some unfortunate damage.
  • What caused it: The iPad came face to face with the warm concrete of a parking lot. This is a situation that befalls so many of our customers, that we would be remiss in not telling you that when it comes to Apple products, a protective case is always a good investment. Sure, some cases may run you up a few bucks, but the expenditure will be nothing compared to the cost of a repair. iPad cases like this one from Hammacher Schlemmer can go a long way toward preventing screen damage from ever happening.
  • The solution: We will carry out a screen repair and return the device to its owner. For all the rest of you iPad-ers out there, preempt the need for a screen repair by encasing your device today.

MacBook felt pressured while traveling

  • The situation: A New Jersey customer sent in her MacBook for an LCD repair after noticing that a pixel distortion issue on the screen appeared to be metastasizing, eating up more and more of her display.
  • What caused it: Chalk this one up to the risks of transporting a computer during travel. The customer went on a trip with the computer, but when she stowed it away she packed it so that great pressure was applied to the top of the screen. Over the time it took for her to get from Point A to B, the amount of sustained pressure on the exterior of the computer caused a crack in the screen, which in turn led to the rapidly expanding pixel issue that she needs fixed.
  • The solution: We'll have to go in and do a full LCD replacement here, since the problem affects more than just the superficial layer of the screen. This repair scenario should be a reminder to anyone traveling that of all the things you'd stuff carelessly into a suitcase, a computer is not one of them. Always make sure your MacBook is either safely encased and free of excess pressure while stowed away.

“Hey dad, watch this!”

  • The situation: A Michigan man sent in an original iPad with a crack on the screen for a device repair.
  • What caused it: Ah, to be a toddler again – when everything can either be chewed on or thrown (or both). Unfortunately for the man, his 2-year-old son got ahold of his iPad, and just as any youngster is apt to do, immediately hurled it against the wall, which led to the device cracking.
  • The solution: We will conduct an iPad screen replacement and have the device back to the man in no time. As for the kid, give him in some time. In a few years, he'll be so glued to an iPad of his own that it'll be the dad who wants to throw the device.

Batteries don't last forever

  • The situation: An Illinois woman sent in her 30GB iPod for a repair after noticing significantly reduced battery time.
  • What caused it: Since there's no apparent precipitating incident here, the repair need likely arises from natural battery degeneration, a process that takes place over time with any battery. The truth is that no battery is eternal – but, that said, there are efforts that can be taken to prolong battery life. For instance, by charging your device only when it's fully drained, you'll adapt its battery to longer cycles of life. Also, make sure you fully charge the battery each time. Doing sporadic bursts of 20-minute charging and then unplugging and using the device will only confuse it and contribute to lessened battery life in the long run.
  • The solution: An iPod battery replacement is all but guaranteed in this case, and so we'll carry that out before returning the device.

Plastic bag is no substitute for a case

  • The situation: For one Colorado family, a pleasant day kayaking turned sour when it ended with the need for an iPhone repair.
  • What caused it: Just because some people wear garbage bags in the rain doesn't mean the same principle applies to Apple products. Therefore, one should never simply put an Apple device in a plastic bag and assume that that will be sufficient rain protection. Unfortunately for the Colorado family, this is a lesson they had to learn the hard way, when the iPhone's plastic bag encasement did absolutely nothing to prevent the phone from sustaining significant damage. While it can be tempting to just throw a phone in the nearest thing that resembles a “case,” nothing ever beats the real deal.
  • The solution: The woman who sent in the repair request alluded to the fact that this repair may run deeper than just a screen repair. After carrying out some tests of our own we'll determine the best course of action. 
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