Common ways to damage an iPhone

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Like most objects that contain lots of glass, the iPhone is fragile. There are many different ways to break it, ranging from inadvertent drops to water damage, so it's important to keep it protected no matter where you are or what you're doing. A relatively high percentage of all iPhones suffer at least some damage within just a few months of purchase, underscoring the need for the excellent iPhone repair services that iResQ​ provides.

The average iPhone is either partially damaged or destroyed within 10 weeks of purchase, according to a recent survey from, PC Advisor reported. The glass-bodied iPhone 4 and the aluminum iPhone 5 were even more susceptible to harm and usually suffered at least a nick within 6 weeks of purchase. The iPhone 3GS, which is made from hard shell plastic, was found to last a bit longer than its successors.

What were the most common ways to damage an iPhone? Forty-three percent of incidents were related to dropping it on a hard surface. Water damage and accidentally stepping on it accounted for most of the damage reported by the remaining respondents. AutooMobile's Dwayne Madden also explained that the iPhone 5 in particular was prone to being bent or twisted.

Be careful with your iPhone, and if something happens to it, send it to iResQ and we'll fix it.

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