Common iPhone 5c problems that may require a professional

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There are a number of different iPhone 5c problems that may cause issues that are close to impossible for a home user to repair. If you or someone you know is having trouble with their iPhone 5c, it may be necessary to work with a technician to repair the product. The following list of issues comes to us from Digital Trends, which may help you to find out exactly what problem your iPhone is having so that it can be fixed soon.

Power Button
Is your iPhone 5c power button stuck? Frequently, those who have the iPhone 5 and its variants have noticed that the power button gradually dwindles in responsiveness over time. After a while it may become unresponsive altogether. This is a complicated repair, as detailed on iFixit, that involves taking the phone completely apart in order to remove the offending power button and then replace it.  Unless you're skilled at prying apart multiple small iPhone 5c screws and wires, you may have to call a professional for this one.

Home Button
Sometimes the iPhone 5c home button not working can put a damper on the use of the device. This kind of repair shouldn't go to Apple, because they tend to blame customers and charge heavily if there is any sort of outside damage noted on the case. Frequently, the iphone 5c home button fails more due to the underlying cable wearing down over time rather than the button itself being an issue. Repairing this cable involves taking the iPhone 5c apart, using a razor blade to peel the Home button cable off of the Home button shield, and then reconnecting it with a new button. More detailed instructions are available at iMore, but this kind of repair should only be attempted by advanced users like the repair technicians at iResQ.

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