Common Apple problems don’t have to be the end

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If you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod long enough, there will inevitably be a need for repair. While there are many common ways that these devices can break, there are just as manyiPhone repair options and other services can help resurrect the device.

One of the most common problems that afflicts Apple's high-tech gadgets is damage to their screens. For many of these devices – such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad – a cracked screen not only causes visual problems, but may affect your ability to properly operate your device; all of a sudden you can't open your favorite applications or select the song that's been running through your head all day, because the screen has become unresponsive.

With the iResQ Advantage, people can send their phones over and have the glass completely replaced so the device looks as good as it ever did before.

A cracked backplate is another common issue that many Apple owners experience. It just takes one drop to ruin the back of the device, but sending it in to iResQ can lead to a quick fix.

Other common problems include the home screen button becoming nonfunctional or the headphone jack breaking. All of these can be taken care of quickly and easily with iPhone repair from iResQ.

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