College Students: Don’t Trust Just Anyone to Fix Your Phone

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Many people have learned to repair an iPhone’s screen watching videos online. While they may have been successful at doing it once or a few times, this doesn’t mean they will be successful every single time.

College Students for iPhone Repair?

We recently read an article about a freshman in college who didn’t want to pay $120 for a screen repair. Instead, he decided to look up how to do it online and fix it himself. He did it and is now doing it for people around his campus.

If you’re a college student, we want to warn you about trusting someone with your phone. Yes, it’s possible for them to replace your iPhone screen, but there’s a high chance that something else could break in the process.

What happens if something is broken while the screen is repaired?

You could end up having to buy a brand new one. This could cost you hundreds of dollars, which is not something most college students have right now.

Why Use an iPhone Repair Professional

When you use a trusted iPhone repair professional, you don’t have to worry about your phone getting bricked. You have someone who has years of experience and hundreds of repairs under his or her belt. You have someone who knows exactly what not to do to damage your phone.

At iResQ, it only takes 24 hours to repair an iPhone screen. If you live in or around Olathe, you can come by and have it back same day if you drop it off early enough. If you don’t, you can send your phone into us.

Yes, it probably costs more than the guy in the dorm down the hall from you will charge and you’ll have to wait longer, but it’s worth it. At least you know that you won’t end up with a non-functioning phone afterwards.

Speak to your parents or send it off to us yourself. We will keep you in the loop as soon as we receive it and then ship it back to you.

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