Coffee Lovers Magazine now on Apple devices: Beware of spills

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Those who love coffee will want to sip on it and read about it in any format, so it's all the better when it comes to one of their favorite Apple devices, as is the case with Coffee Lovers Magazine. However, readers should be careful when sipping a hot cup of joe in too close proximity to their device, as that could lead to a spill and damage of their device. Fear not, coffee lovers, as iResQ has iPod, iPhone and iPad repair services that can easily bring a device back to life after your brew of choice spills on it.

For those who want to browse the pages of Coffee Lovers Magazine, the new app for Apple devices will feature videos, reviews of coffee, write​-ups on tools of the coffee-lover trade (such as grinders and brewers), interviews with coffee industry bigwigs and more. The magazine will be available through the Apple Newsstand application. Magazine executives said they want to fill the gap for those who are unfamiliar with the nuances of coffee and how enriching an experience it can be to enjoy a good cup.

Jason Gislason, a reader from the U.S., said he loves reading this magazine, as it is obvious that the editors and staff are true fans of a good brew.

“[The editor] presents a very balanced selection of articles ranging from the experience of coffee/coffee culture to technical aspects of brewing and growth,” he said, according to a press release on the magazine. “I expect this magazine to grow in popularity and to get even better over time. Enjoy a great coffee experience with Coffee Lovers Magazine. I do!”

The dreaded spill: What to do to protect it?
For those who do happen to drink a lot of coffee by their device, there is no guarantee of safety unless you have extremely steady hands or take other precautions. PCWorld gave some advice on how to protect the device, including using a case.

“Even with a screen protector, you don't want to expose the iPad display to unnecessary abuse when it's not even in use,” the website said. “Apple sells a reticulated iPad Smart Cover that automatically turns the iPad on when it's opened using magnets. It can also fold back to prop the device up for better typing or viewing.”

For those who do run into a problem with spillage, iResQ's iPad repair is there to help resuscitate the device and make it as good as new.

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