Chutes and ladders, tech edition: iPads climb while PCs slide

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The further PC sales fall, the better things will be, not just for Apple, but for the iPad business in particular. Evercore Partners analyst Rob Cihra said in a note to investors early this week that he cut projected PC sales for the rest of the year and sees traditional computer sales dropping 4 percent year over year through the third quarter of 2012, according to AppleInsider. At the same time, iPad sales could reach 69 million by the end of the year. Apple fans may cheer this news … but they might not want to contribute to iPad sales because their current iPad breaks down. If it does, they can turn to iPad repair to stay on the Apple bandwagon without shelling out too much cash.

The news source reports that these statements from Cihra come after PC shipments dropped 0.1 percent across the world and 5.7 percent in the United States for the quarter ending in June. Meanwhile, Apple sales grew about 4.3 percent.

“PCs now need to compete both directly/functionally and more so indirectly (for discretionary spend/mindshare) against 'thin client' architectures/ecosystems,” Cihra wrote in his note to investors.

Last week, Apple Insider showed that MacBooks are having a good quarter, with 1.9 million sold. This accounted for about 12 percent of the market for personal computers.

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