Choosing the Shipping Method When Using iResQ

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iResQ deliveryMany of our customers turn to us to repair their mobile device because we are committed to our 24 hour turnaround on most repairs. While some of the repairs we perform can take more than that time, most of them are done in that time.

Why are we so quick?

It’s because we have the right amount of certified technicians working. We have some standing by as well. That way if there is an influx of orders, we can bring them in so we can handle the number of orders within the 24 hour turnaround.

Sometimes, we have customers turn to us because they didn’t get their mobile device back as quickly as they expected. We always look back on the order to ensure that it was repaired in a timely fashion, and most of the time it is, and what’s holding up the receipt of the device is shipping.

When you choose your shipping method, keep the number of days it estimates for delivery. Some people choose overnight deliver. They don’t want to be without their device for more than a day, so they send it off on one day, they are without it the next, but then receive it the following day after the repair has been done.

Other people can wait a couple of days, so they choose the next option with a two business day delivery. This means they are usually without their device two or three days.

For those who are not anxious about getting their device back, they will choose the slowest shipping method which can take up to seven business days. This is usually the least expensive choice, which can help people who are on a budget.

Please consider the shipping time when ordering your repair. We want you to get your mobile device back in the time you expect it.

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